The changing demographics of the UK poses the serious threat of major problems to delivering health and social care services in coming years.

Anticipated increases in people with learning disabilities, significantly more people in their later years, all combined with a diminished pool of people to support their needs is, clearly, a significant potential problem.

Undoubtedly, the Department of Health is eager to prevent the potential crisis that could occur and is making efforts now to begin addressing the dangers. As a result, in England, Skills for Care is responding to this, in ways that support health and social care providers as stakeholders, in contributing now to ways that seek to manage the threat and offset it.

One approach is that of formal apprenticeships. Mulberry House SCTV supports the view that, properly instigated, apprenticeships are good for social care employers and good for the people they support. In fact, we're working in partnership with various organisations to help social care employers gain the most from apprenticeships, demonstrating our contribution to resolving a problem that faces us all.

Below is a FREE video, produced by Skills for Care, which you can play to find out more about apprenticeships and how they may be beneficial to your organisation and its service delivery.

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Mulberry House DVD based resources and e-learning provide Recognised training that contributes, directly, to supporting the skills development of apprentices.

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