Terms & conditions


1. Mulberry House Limited and social-care.tv "we" "us" "our" supply resources to support health and social care providers and related organisations in the furtherance of their activities.

2. A "customer" is a purchaser or user of a resource supplied or made available by Mulberry House Limited or social-care.tv  

Statutory Position

1. Under current regulations, Mulberry House Limited and social-care.tv can only assist “in an advisory capacity”, which does not absolve an employer from their legal duties and responsibilities.

2. You must co-ordinate any advice or information given through Mulberry House Limited and social-care.tv into your own activities to manage your own duties and responsibilities.

3. Mulberry House Limited acts in good faith.  You accept that Mulberry House Limited is not responsible for error or omission in any way.


1. The accompanying electronic transmission reflects the fact you have placed an order upon Mulberry House Limited as specified in the transmission itself.

2. Your confirmation “Confirm Order”, or similar, accepts that you have ordered with immediate effect.

3. No goods or services will be supplied until cleared payment has been received by Mulberry House Limited.

Refunds and Returns

1. Mulberry House Limited operates a no refund policy and no returns policy, which you accept upon placing an order with Mulberry House Limited

2. Should you believe there is a manufacturing fault with any DVD or CD based resource supplied by Mulberry House Limited, you must notify us within 7 days of receipt of the goods.  You will be asked to return the item in pristine condition for inspection and, in the unlikely event of there being a manufacturing fault, we will replace the item, free of charge.

Concerns and Complaints

1. Complaints or concerns can arise through simple misunderstanding or genuine dissatisfaction, most usually resolved through discussion; a phone call usually suffices.

2. Failing that, in the first instance, e-mail info@mulho.com and write in the e-mail subject “Complaint”. Please give us your name, e-mail address, contact telephone number and postal address with the details of your complaint to help us resolve it for you.

3. The Customer Services Manager will have your complaint or concern acknowledged within one working day and resolved within 21 working days. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, please write to Mulberry House SCTV, Hingham Manor, Attleborough Road, Hingham, NR9 4HP addressing your letter to The Customer Services Director. The matter will then be handled at Director level within 21 days of receipt of your letter.

4. It is our policy to keep such matters on file for at least 24 months to inform development to our training provision.

Price Increases

1. Mulberry House Limited may revise prices as it sees appropriate whenever it deems necessary. 


1. Certificates issued by Mulberry House Limited and social-care.tv remain the property of Mulberry House Limited.

2. Certification will be withdrawn immediately upon any breach of contract and/or copyright made by you.

3. External verification of certificates is an optional service for DVD based resources, for which there is a fee payable to Mulberry House for marking test papers and issuing certificates.

4. Mulberry House does not issue answers to test sheets in order to maintain the integrity of any certificate issued with sector specific inspection agencies and in accordance with our accreditation status.


1. Any purchaser or user of any or all Mulberry House Limited and social-care.tv resources acknowledges that Mulberry House Limited owns the worldwide copyright to the content of that resource in perpetuity and that all rights are reserved.

2. Any purchaser or user of any Mulberry House Limited and social-care.tv resource agrees to use that or any part of that resource in the way and in the manner for which it was intended by Mulberry House Limited.

3. No Mulberry House Limited or social-care.tv resource or any part of it may be altered, changed, modified, copied, reproduced, stored, sold, re-sold, loaned, rented, hired, broadcast, distributed in any way or in any format without prior written permission from Mulberry House Limited. 

4. This includes the exclusion from use on any intranet system or similar without prior written permission from Mulberry House Limited.
5. Mulberry House Limited vigorously protects its rights and will take action against the organisation to whom resources have been made available or supplied to, in any way, and any user of those resources for any breach of those rights, in any way.

Acceptance and Alterations

1. In placing an order with Mulberry House Limited, including social-care.tv, you agree to having accepted these terms and conditions and their spirit therein.

2. No alterations to these terms and conditions may exist without the written authority of a Director of Mulberry House Limited.


1. Any person ordering or using a Mulberry House Limited and social-care.tv resource accepts that we shall not be liable for any damage, loss or any claim whatsoever, irrespective of its cause or outcome, arrising from or in connection with our resources, their content or use, in any way.

Email Communications

You accept that Mulberry House and related organisations may send unsolicited e-mail so long as they pertain to relevant related activities as determined by Mulberry House and social-care.tv

Last updated

24th February 2015