Food Hygiene Training

It is a legal requirement that everyone and anyone who handles food, in any way, must have proper food hygiene (food safety) training and this resource will help you deliver that training, in-house.

Being health and social care specific, the Mulberry House food hygiene training DVD will help your colleagues identify with the issues and respond appropriately in a way that non-health and social care food hygiene related training may not.

This resource is fully legally compliant and suitable for induction, refresher, management and vocational training, for example the Care Certificate.

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Printable PDF SyllabusProduct Syllabus:

Everything that Food Hygiene Regulations expect, including ...

  • Importance of good food hygiene
  • Legal duties
  • Food policy
  • Poor food hygiene
  • Good food hygiene
  • At risk groups
  • Food hazards
  • Bacteria
  • Pathogenic bacteria
  • How bacteria multiply
  • The Danger Zone
  • Types of contamination
  • How to prevent bacteria multiplying
  • Keeping out of the Danger Zone
  • Food deliveries 
  • Food storage
  • Food preparation
  • Food cooking
  • Temperature probes
  • Food cooling
  • Food holding
  • Food re-heating
  • Food serving
  • Personal hygiene
  • Hand washing
  • Tackling pests
  • Food premises
  • Food equipment
  • Food boards
  • Cleaning
  • Disinfecting
  • Managing waste 

Contributes to Care Certificate Standards 8 & 15


DVD Preview:

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