Moving & Handling Assessment Training

Unfortunately, many consultants and trainers have turned the mole hill of good handling assessment into a mountain of paperwork.  We're happy to tell you that Mulberry House has solved that problem for you with this learning resource.

Mulberry House is a ‘big player’ in health and social care specific moving, assisting and handling training.  Unsurprisingly, therefore, we are able to offer you a world class training DVD that makes handling assessment thorough, understandable and extremely manageable.

Nothing else compares to this DVD which helps you manage your duty to prevent harm whilst, at the same time, managing your duty to promote independence. Clearly then, this is an important training resource to you.

It is fully legally and care standards compliant.  The resource will satisfy induction, refresher, management and vocational training, for example the Care Certificate.

For more information about the Care Certificate click here.

Several assessment forms are included, free, on the accompanying support CD so that, combined with putting into practice the learning, you can manage your duty of care to a high standard and demonstrate that to an inspector.

Furthermore, the course is also available online at our e-learning portal,

Printable PDF SyllabusProduct Syllabus:

  • Planning to manage risk
  • Preventing injury
  • Making sensible decisions
  • Competency
  • Likelihood of problems
  • Implications of problems
  • Recording decisions
  • Tackling the cause (root) of a problem
  • The hierarchy of solutions
  • Mobility
  • Documentation
  • Weight bearing
  • Balance
  • Vehicles
  • Environment
  • Tasks
  • Loads
  • Individuals
  • Fall prevention
  • Pregnancy 

Contributes to Care Certificate Standards 5 & 13


DVD Preview:

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