Moving & Handling Practical Training

Fact - this is the most comprehensive moving, assisting and handling DVD (well, 2 DVDs actually) for health and social care providers in the world. There are over 70 methods, techniques broken down into their constituent bite size pieces and shown to you step by step.

You identify the techniques from the DVDs that are relevant to the needs of those you provide a service to (pic’n’mix from the huge range of options on the DVDs).

These are then played to the people being trained who can practice the "moves" as they watch them. Step by step, the DVD teaches them how to do it!

Being on DVD, they can stop, start, pause, rewind as many times as they want to understand the "moves".

This is a unique, innovative and effective way to deliver high quality safe handling of people.

Not only does it meet your legal obligations and protects people from harm, it’s an ideal resource for induction, refresher, management and vocational training, such as the Care Certificate.

For more information about the Care Certificate click here.

It's the sort of outcome based training that your inspector wants to see your organisation making use of. Why not order yours today!

Printable PDF SyllabusProduct Syllabus:

  • Safe handling access
  • Commands and instructions
  • Team handling
  • Eye contact
  • Bed heights
  • Using body weight and balance (ergonomic handling)
  • Turning someone in bed (various methods)
  • Sitting someone up in bed (various methods)
  • Profile beds
  • Moving up the bed (various methods)
  • Using slide sheets
  • Sitting to the edge of a bed
  • Preparing people to stand
  • Standing up (various methods)
  • Correct sitting position
  • Sitting down (various methods)
  • Slide boards
  • Sitting to sitting transfers
  • "Clever" techniques and tips!
  • Wheelchair moves
  • Wheelchair safety
  • Wheelchairs and vehicles 
  • Walking
  • Walking sticks and frames
  • Falling
  • Assisted falls
  • Helping people up from the floor
  • Repositioning people in chairs
  • Hoists and slings
  • Fitting slings
  • Hoist lifts
  • Hoist transfers
  • Hoist myths and misunderstandings addressed
  • 9 dangerous techniques analysed
  • Dangerous methods v. safe techniques
  • Handling aids 

Contributes to Care Certificate Standard 13

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DVD Preview: