Risk Assessment Training with free Risk Assessment Forms CD

This DVD based resource will help you and your colleagues understand how straightforward risk assessment can be, done properly and sensibly.

It was specifically produced to help health and social care providers see tangible benefits from risk assessment.  The DVD logically, and clearly, takes you step by step through the risk assessment process.

As a result, you and your colleagues will know how to spot, record, report and manage risks in order to prevent harm.

Many possible risk areas experienced by health and social care providers are highlighted and explained, which makes this a uniquely interesting and extremely useful training resource.

It is fully compliant with care standards and safety legislation.

Use it for induction, safety, refresher, management and vocational training, for example the Care Certificate.

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The course is also available online as an e-learning course, which you can find by clicking on the link to our e-learning portal www.social-care.tv

Printable PDF SyllabusProduct Syllabus:

  • Getting started
  • The risk assessment process
  • Step-by-step evaluation of risks
  • Risk assessment forms
  • Likelihood
  • Implications
  • Severity
  • Being realistic
  • Who is at risk?
  • Reviewing risk
  • Managing risk
  • Situations
  • Equipment
  • Activities
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Safe handling
  • Food risks (HACCP)
  • Infection
  • CoSHH
  • Health risks
  • First aid
  • Waste management
  • Fire
  • Out of doors
  • Security
  • Lighting & heating
  • Scalding
  • Fuel – oil, gas etc
  • Lone working
  • Auditing

Contributes to Care Certificate Standard 13

CD Details:

A full set of hundreds of health and social care specific and environmental risk assessment pro-formas available on CD.

This is an extremely practical, time-saving and helpful way to identify potential problems that you may need to address before they become real problems. Yet, managed in a way that the paperwork doesn't take over!

It was specifically developed for health and social care providers based upon tried and tested Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

You ‘weed out’ the issues or topics that are, or are likely to be, of concern to you. With this CD based resource, that shouldn't take too long. Then, step by step, the assessment pro-forma page guides you, simply, through the assessment process.

We believe this is one of the most straightforward ways for a health or social care provider to manage, in a comprehensive way, risk assessment.

It’s an affordable and time efficient way, which is fully legally compliant. Over the years, thousands of health and social care providers, have made use of Mulberry House resources, like this one. Why not order yours today?

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DVD Preview:

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