Why buy Mulberry House DVDs?

Mulberry House DVDs are the most comprehensive and up-to-date health and social care training DVDs available to you in the UK. We are the only accredited supplier of social care specific DVD based learning.

There are many reasons to use Mulberry House DVDs, including, for example, that they:

  • not only meet, but exceed, care standards
  • deliver learning outcomes designed to promote the needs of those you provide services to
  • satisfy inspectors
  • make thorough induction more manageable, straightforward and effective
  • contribute to vocational care pathways, for example, Care Certificate Standards.

For more information about the Care Certificate click here.

How Mulberry House DVDs help people learn:

Mulberry House DVDs are produced to exceptionally high standards to ensure your trainees enjoy the experience of learning from them in a way that not only informs but motivates them to work differently and more effectively.

Extensive feedback shows that health and social care workers find Mulberry House DVDs interesting, enjoyable to watch and easy to follow.

On-screen prompts for handouts, summaries, worksheets (used in conjunction with their relevant print-outs from the accompanying support CD) form a structured, logical, "bite size" approach to learning.

Consequently, trainees:

  • find it straightforward to understand the topic
  • feel encouraged to reflect upon their current practice
  • can identify, for themselves, the gaps between what they do and should do
  • in a way they can see how to do it (develop their practice)
  • whilst feeling encouraged and motivated
  • hence, they put it into practice

It is our success in being able to develop DVDs that actually achieve real learning outcomes that have resulted in us becoming the main provider of audio-visual learning resources to health and social care providers in the UK.  Learning that works.

As the management of Elm Lodge told us:

"The DVD and supporting information ... excellent training"

Benefits of Mulberry House DVDs include, for example:

  • High quality
  • Visually appealing
  • Fit for purpose
  • Good for inspection
  • Good for vocational qualification
  • Good for the people receiving your services (outcome based learning)
  • Comprehensive - more content and support material than available anywhere else
  • Thorough - no need to buy additional supplements or add ons
  • Are developed with a high degree of "future proofing" 
  • Active promotion of best practice
  • Undisputable good value

...to name but only a few!

What's in the box?

When you open a Mulbery House training DVD, you'll find in the box at least:

  • One or more comprehensive DVDs (depending upon the subject)
  • A separate CD with comprehensive support material (the paperwork)
  • List of learning points - so you know all necessary areas are covered
  • Outline lesson plans
  • Training objective sheets
  • Comprehensive handouts
  • Training summaries
  • Training worksheets
  • Test sheets
  • Recording of training outcomes
  • Training evaluation sheets
  • Training records
  • Several recording and evidencing documents, for example, towards vocational qualifications

...and more!

Optional externally verified certification

Some inspectors are comfortable, others uncomfortable with "self issued certificates"

On the support CD is a test paper enabling you to assess the "head knowledge" of trainees and there are blank certificates on this website to download.

However, many care providers prefer, or are required, to have external certificates.  In which case, return your completed test papers to Mulberry House and, typically, your certificates will be with you within seven days from us having received the test papers.

In the UK, Awarding Bodies may require external certificates for in-house training as evidence towards credits contributory to an award.  Clearly, Mulberry House provides you with the necessary options.


Many health and social care providers now take advantage of e-learning. All Mulberry House DVDs are available as e-learning resources, with the exception of our Moving & Handling Practical training, at our e-learning portal www.social-care.tv

A FREE, full length, hand hygiene training course is available at www.social-care.tv for you to experience our innovative approach to e-learning, an approach which has meant we have become the main provider of health and social care specific e-learning.

For more information, call us on 01953 853070 or visit www.social-care.tv.